Sports InjuriesThe human body excels in compensation. Like the movement of water, the body takes the path of least resistance. If an aspect of movement function is compromised, the body will create a detour and recruit another area as best it can. This compensation causes dysfunctional movement. This dysfunction underlies injuries and pain.

Sports injuries afflicting athletes from Ratoath and Ashbourne can be new and acute or nagging, chronic problems that just won’t go away and continually affect your performance. The key lies in getting to the root source of the problem and our chartered Meath physiotherapists have the training and years of experience working with athletes (at all levels) necessary to deal with these issues. Injuries left to heal themselves can lead to long term residual problems due to soft tissue adhesions and tightness, joint stiffness, muscle imbalance and a deficiency in the return of normal muscle strength.

Our physiotherapists will provide Ratoath and Ashbourne physio patients with:

  • An accurate diagnosis
  • Devise a bespoke programme of treatment and rehabilitation based on your injury, your goals and your sport.
  • Advice on preventing any further recurrences
  • A full screening programme if you are starting or returning to sport.

We work in tandem with many of the top orthopaedic specialists in the country and so, if needed, we can arrange a referral to the relevant physician or surgeon. Remember, it is Chartered Physiotherapists that are employed by the FAI, IRFU, GAA and other elite sporting bodies.