Back Pain in PregnancyBack pain in pregnancy is a common symptom amongst expecting mothers in Ratoath and Ashbourne, with as many as 50% of pregnant women reporting pain at some stage during pregnancy. Backache during pregnancy is more severe and disabling than at other times. About 10% of women may be prevented from working due to it and over a third report that it interferes with normal life. An understanding of the likely cause of the pain and proper advice on its management can go a long way to reducing the effects of backache.

We believe that backache during pregnancy is not something you have to endure until after the birth of your baby. Our Meath physiotherapists can help resolve conditions such as sacroiliac joint pain, symphasis pubis dysfunction, pelvic pain, sciatica and general back pain. We generally do not provide hands-on physiotherapy treatment during the first trimester but please feel free to call us for advice on how best to manage your condition.

Post partum, we also specialise in the rehabilitation of weak muscle groups in the tummy and buttock region to free you from pain and return you to your normal function and exercise in the shortest possible time frame. We will analyse your postural habits and advise on strategies to improve your posture and prevent pain while caring for your newborn.